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Interesting conversations at IT Directors’ Forum 13-14 May

A beautiful venue, convenient location with plenty of room to connect with technology innovators, an opportunity for a meet-and-greet with businesses looking for digital transformation and relevant vendors; all with the added bonus of attending keynote speaker presentations from wide ranging field experts….

Richmond Events presents IT Directors’ Forum May 13-14 2019.

This sounded intriguing so we decided to see what this was all about and just what this event had to offer TechFINIUM; both in terms of establishing new relationships, as well as discovering new trends and debating ideas with our peers.

After all, face to face interactions are still the most effective way of building long lasting relationships.
See my Selfie!

Having spent a couple of hectic days at the Grove in Hertfordshire, we must give kudos to Richmond Events for their highly organised and professional delivery of this valuable event. Oh, and the food was delicious too!

These two days have been fruitful for TechFINIUM, enabling us to connect with some the of leading CIOs in the country. We shared many engaging discussions on various aspects of innovations; some being currently implemented and some yet to appear on the scene. We were delighted in being part of some very detailed discussions on up and coming technologies, such as:

  • Digital Transformation: most companies are aware of the advantages ‘intellectualising’ data brings to their businesses. However, many businesses face a wide range of challenges, from outdated architecture and the need to upgrade existing infrastructure, to secure data storage and accessibility, down to hiring and upskilling staff to analyse and manage data analytical requirements.
  • MASA: very pleased to have feedback that this technology is gaining traction across the CIO community, even though Mesh Application Solution Architecture is still a new kid on the block.
  • Process Automation: as with intellectualising data the need to improve business processes through automation solutions such as infoFINIUM, and reduce human and assumptive errors, seems to be on the rise. Executives are providing scope for CIOs to commence projects, turning their company into a more streamlined business and therefore gain competitive advantage in their particular market sector.
  • Application Modernisation: this is in the minds of many CIOs we spoke to. Good news here is that several projects are already underway investigating the possibility of implementing solutions such as TDC
    Intelligent Data Hub to transform company data to meet the rigorous demands of today’s business requirements.

We really valued the opportunity to learn and share many ideas on how to help businesses do what they do, but better. We’d welcome the chance to share this with you.

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