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#DigitalTransformation: the lightbulb moment

A seemingly overused term, actually bringing enormous value to companies of all sizes and in all verticals. Simply by having access to accurate and consolidated data the transformation to ‘simply do things better’ is making businesses more efficient across the globe. Where’s the proof in this statement? Just what does this ACTUALLY mean for businesses?


The following list gives you the short sharp clear details.  Regardless of industry or company size, all our clients have overcome several challenges to make their business more efficient.  From day to day data input to overall dashboards and reports for senior management.  Small steps have improved collaboration between different business units, have enabled management to make little adjustments optimising activities.


Warning… the list is rather long…


  • Time savings
    • optimised business processes save employee time and paperwork issues
    • faster time-to-process leases, offering better customer service
    • no more loss of project data, documents and authorisations
    • streamlined processing ensures all materials and equipment are delivered to the correct sites at the right times, therefore avoiding any delays
  • Cost savings:
    • no more missed deadlines resulting in costly delays
    • quick accurate decision making based on accurate real time data
    • £100k from the annual stationary budget
    • no delays = no extra costs, automatic processing and notifications save employee time
  • Key insights: access to up-to-date, accurate and real time information
  • Enhanced communications via notifications and alerts provide all stakeholders with key deadlines
  • Improved client, contract and internal process management
  • Data storage now in one central repository
  • Improved audit trails providing information to historical, actual and future transactions
  • Configurable software solution to match individual client business requirements
  • Enhanced database administration control on user access levels
  • Seamless collaboration with external (government/banking) databases for vehicle and finance searches
  • Centralised database of all key documentation
  • Improved data accuracy as human error element is removed from the calculation functionalities
  • Consolidated data leads to improved search capabilities and data retrieval
  • Compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Master data oversight by Group Holding companies
  • Quick deployment of scalable portal as existing infoFINIUM modules were customised to the particular needs of Cancer Central
  • Easy integration with other technology platforms such as IBM Watson, Givey and Stripe
  • Development of bespoke interface
  • Highly configurable making platform administration flexible and easy-to-manage
  • Secure platform as it is a cloud based solution
  • Long term strategic partnership as project management by TechFINIUM board members
  • The end of this month will see new cominovators join the project.  American Express Technologies
  • Comprehensive audit trails
  • A professional project management solution enabling real time status review
  • DSJVs business processes and templates integrated into solution
  • Intuitive dashboards and search engine making it user friendly
  • Accessible to all stakeholders in this project via a web based portal
  • Easy to configure to DSJVs requirements – using DSJV look and feel
  • Quick implementation with light maintenance
  • Regulation and compliance reporting in line with government requirements
  • Increased visibility: Better reporting enables senior management to optimise project construction delivery
  • Increased functionality: a user friendly solution with big buttons ensures staff adoption to enter correct data, follow data rules and complete the purchase requisition in a timely manner. Automatic workflows provide e-signoffs and better visibility into purchase status
  • Increased processing efficiency: data validation and security are managed better, leaving a full audit trail
  • Optimised business process: TechFINIUM business analysts provide recommendations to align individual processing to one unified working model which has been adopted and mapped to the new solution


Digital Transformation automatically increases employee engagement, as follows:


  • The user loves it – why? clear and clean online forms, easy clicks to follow an automated data entry flow.


  • The approver loves it – why? automated approvals process gives notification of deadlines, real time status displays show order statuses, reducing human error and keeping projects on track.


  • The finance manager loves it – why? drop down lists provide accurate data, current data flow displays enabling precise accounts.


  • The management love it – why? having easy insights into business-critical data, comparing those to acceptable benchmarks enable proactive optimising avoiding costly mistakes.


Want to learn more? Get in touch , we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your challenges and offer advice on how to make your tasks run smoother,  tweaking certain areas of the business (even those perhaps you may not know need tweaking!) and look at the overall picture of your business critical data.


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