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The project goal was to deliver the longest stretch of the Thames Tideway Tunnel; a 25 km sewer to prevent an average of 20 million tonnes of untreated sewage discharging into the Thames on an annual basis.

The Challenge

This joint venture was located across numerous sites, each with their individual manual purchase requisition processes for all materials and equipment.
Difficult purchase processes via complicated Excel spreadsheets and delivery delays impacted other sites, causing costly delays.

The client needed one simplified requisition process solution with automatic notifications and overall project insights to ensure ease of use and avoid costly errors and delays.

The Solution

A customised Purchase Requisition Application was created using the infoFINIUM platform. This solution was rapidly delivered; from concept to deployment in 3 months, as it was built using innovative Mesh Application Service Architecture (MASA) technology.

The application is used across a range of devices and services; mobile apps, touch screens and websites, all accessed via wifi or mobile data, or offline with automatic updates, when in service range again.

The user friendly application ensured consistent and accurate data on entry, automated the purchase order process, provided up-to-date information on both individual site and overall status in terms of materials, equipment and delivery. All information is automatically distributed to all stakeholders with any relevant notifications.

Key Benefits to Tideway:

  • Time savings: streamlined processing ensures all materials and equipment are delivered to the correct sites at the right times, therefore avoiding any delays
  • Cost savings: no delays = no extra costs, automatic processing and notifications save employee time
  • Increased functionality: a user friendly intuitive solution ensures staff adoption to enter correct data, follow data rules and complete the purchase requisition
  • Increased visibility: better reporting enables senior management to optimise project construction delivery
  • Increased processing efficiency: data validation and security are managed better, leaving a full audit trail
  • Optimised business process: TechFINIUM business analysts provide recommendations to align individual processing to one unified working model which has been adopted and mapped to the new solution