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Helping you achieve
your digital
transformation goals

TechFINIUM is a software company specialising in mobile applications, web portals and transactional business systems to help you digitalise your organisation.


Who We Work With.


How We Work.

With you.

Together we build a solution that matches your requirements right down to the finer details. Our team consists of young, ambitious, fresh thinking individuals who are overseen by an established management, with over 100 years collective experience in custom IT projects. This gives you a solution that enables your processes to work more efficiently, ultimately adding value to your business.

Developing rapidly.

Using infoFINIUM, our core Mesh Application Service Architecture (MASA) technology solution, our library of pre-built, pre-tested modules and micro-services, we can deliver apps, portals and transactional business systems more rapidly and cost effectively, getting your bespoke solution up and running in no time, offering a quicker return on your investment.

Delivering results quickly.

We enable the journey from legacy systems to digital transformation by using our agile methodology, which we have developed through years of experience. Clients experience an almost immediate transformation instead of waiting for a software solution that typically is outdated before it has been integrated into existing infrastructures.


What Makes us Different.


We deliver results fast, providing value early on in client specific projects.

Cost Effective

Competitive pricing based on specific client requirements, rather than standard cost packages.


An experienced team from developers & testers to business analysts and project leaders; providing extensive knowledge of project sizes, functionalities and business domain knowledge.


Your success is our success. We join our clients in taking ownership and accountability of all projects.


Our Solutions.

Partnering businesses with Bespoke, Integrated Software Solutions using
innovative MASA (Mesh App and Service Architecture) technology
to improve critical business processes at the heart of your organisation.


Our Services.

We provide comprehensive software lifecycle services, which can be rolled into a custom infoFINIUM solution design or as standalone services enabling you to streamline your existing software projects.

Project Management

Managing the complexities
of implementing custom software

Our project managers become an integral part of the team, working collaboratively to achieve a successful software delivery on time and to budget.

Business Analysis

Breaking down complex challenges into simple solutions

Decrease risk and increase project success before committing to any long-term IT project with experienced business analysts who can reengineer business process requirements into action points within the project scope.

Software Development

Bespoke mobile & web apps,
portals & business systems

Development analysts can assist in the identification of required modules to solve business challenges; a vital element of any project team. Our infoFINIUM platform enables the rapid delivery of software solutions by connecting key functionality elements to meet your specific business requirements.


Making quality a priority
of any IT project

User experience is critical to the success of any IT project; acceptance of any new solution should be easily attained, which can only be achieved through rigorous testing. Collective testing from both the technical and business ‘user’ aspects provide a robust and refined application.

Maintenance & Support

Working in the background to make sure you are always up and running

Solution reliability is crucial, especially after integration. Ongoing maintenance ensures the solution is performing at its optimum. Maintenance and Support services include a wide range of legacy and modern innovative applications such as infoFINIUM.